About Us

About Us

How We Started

Yaakov was founded in 2020 during the Lockdown period of the Global pandemic COVID-19. A lot of time was put into our hands which helped to reflect what is important in our lives and what inspires us. We wanted to build a brand that was inspirational and stood for something. We teach our children about fables, fairytales and the importance of religious and historical figures but as we grow up most of us forget these values and need reminding. Our son Jacob, is everything to us. He gives us inspiration everyday and reminds us how blessed we really are. We want to teach him important values and remind him in a world where he can be anything, be inspired. So this is where our story really begins, Yaakov is derived from Jacob meaning “May God protect” and “To Follow” We created a brand logo that depicts a shield for protection, a crown as we follow our leader which is encased in gold to represent the highest quality and value. We searched the globe for a manufacturer who could bring our designs to life, Learnt to create Tech Packs, Code and Create a website. We self tought usage of graphic software and wrote a track “Greatness” which is now available on iTunes. We continued to work into the early hours of the mornings creating advertising videos, campaigns and reaching out to venues for trading opportunities when they re-opened. We all want to belong and be part of something bigger than ourselves “it starts with a dream” and hard work can make it reality! We hope to leave a Legacy for our Son, something for him to focus on and continue to inspire others.


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Available on Sales@yaakov.uk

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